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Transport and logistics

Established in 2003, Fargo Courier has become one of the most trusted courier companies in Kenya and has quickly grown to incorporate archiving and warehousing in their portfolio of services. With a fleet of cars and motorcycles designed for rough terrain, we offer fast delivery services. We specialise in:

Local and International deliveries
Specialised services for major banks including voucher deliveries, night staff escorts as well as pick and drop services
Storage and distribution solutions with 24hr CCTV installed in the premises
Safe and organised data storage
Short term and long term storage in a monitored warehouse

Leisure and Tourism

Kenya is fast becoming a major social hub through hosting international events and attracting tourists worldwide. We have employed specialised security services that apply to this sector allowing organisers to host these events without any security risks. We specialise in:

Events Security
Event Site Surveys and Consultancy Services
Evacuation, Emergency and Contingency Planning
Command and Communication Centre
Dog Patrols and Tracking Services
Crowd Control
Close Protection: VIP Escort Service and Armed Chase Car


We provide professional services to major retail institutions across Kenya including all major supermarkets. We work closely with our clients and offer effective security solutions and all delivery needs that will create a safe environment for their employees and their consumers. We specialise in:

Electronic Security Services – we provide state of the art equipment including, alarm systems, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Detection and Electric Fences
Cash Management
Cash and Valuables in transit

Corporate Institutions

Trained to international standards, our guards implement stringent systems to secure our corporate client’s assets. Our area of expertise includes protecting you and your property using trained guards and state-of-the-art security systems. We specialise in:

Tailor made security solutions through client consultations
Enhancing security using trained canine guarding
CCTV monitoring
Delivery Solutions
Storage and Distribution

Financial Institutions

With a client portfolio that includes every bank across Kenya, we have developed efficient and trustworthy systems that cater to the needs of financial institutions. We specialise in:

Cash management and Vaulting
ATM replenishment
Cash and Valuables in Transit
Banking support services
Radio Alarms
Integrated Security Systems
Storage and Distribution

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